65% of the bone resorption occurs during the first 3 months.

The extraction of a tooth initiates a series of reparative processes involving both hard tissue (e.g. alveolar bone) and soft tissues (periodontal ligament, gingiva). This results in reduced crestal width and height. Sometimes, the resorption is very rapid and severe, and in order to restore the missing tooth with a dental implant or a properly design fixed partial denture (bridge) it is necessary to augment the area with bone and/or soft tissue graft. SinossInject is a new unique and highly innovative injectable, but volume maintaining bone paste with improved controlled resorption properties. The unique nanocristalline hydroxyapatite provides a high bio-active regeneration. SinossInject supports the formation of new vital bone, maintains volume and mechanical stability and is gradually replaced by mature new bone. The highly viscous SinossInject paste allows perfect shaping, molding, fitting and complete bone bonding to the surrounding bone surface of the defect.































































































































































































































































































































































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