Portfolio Category: Bone Substitutes

SinossGraft Wall – For simultaneous horizontal and vertical augmentation

The simplified Shell technique of horizontal and vertical volume gain. SinossGraft Wall is an extremely stable bone plate in block form consisting of synthetic hydroxyapatite (HA) and beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP). It provides high mechanical stability, slow resorption and supports the formation of a new vital bone for horizontal and vertical bone regeneration. By using a...

SinossMem – The native resorbable collagen membrane for GBR/GTR with outstanding handling properties

The natural resorbable collagen membrane with the extra high biocompatibility

SinossMem is a native resorbable collagen membrane for the Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration. SinossMem has been especially prepared, purified and chemically modificated, the material is biocompatible, apyrogenic and fully resorbable in live tissue when implanted. SinossMem provides a long-lasting, adequate barrier function and is completely...

SinossGraft Xeno – The Bioactive Bovine Bone

The native SinossGraft Xeno with high biofunctionality

SinossGraft Xeno is a highly reliable, volume stable, purified natural bone substitution material of bovine origin. The properties of SinossGraft Xeno and the mineral composition, the three dimensional structure and the physico-chemical and biological function are very similar to those of human bone.


The affinity to human bone and SinossGraft...