SinossMem – The native resorbable collagen membrane for GBR/GTR with outstanding handling properties

The natural resorbable collagen membrane with the extra high biocompatibility

SinossMem is a native resorbable collagen membrane for the Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration. SinossMem has been especially prepared, purified and chemically modificated, the material is biocompatible, apyrogenic and fully resorbable in live tissue when implanted. SinossMem provides a long-lasting, adequate barrier function and is completely bioresorbed within 6 months. SinossMem satisfy the physicochemical characteristics to provide for biocompatibility, tissue integration, cell-occlusivity, space making ability, and also ease of use in the clinic (Gottlow 1993). During the regeneration process the SinossMem offers the barrier function balanced with a controlled degradation time without inflammative soft tissue reaction.


The soft tissue around a SinossMem usually heals without any problem, even if postoperative dehiscence occurs. The biologic structure of the SinossMem surface prevents ingrowth of soft tissue and allows cells and blood vessel penetration and quick integration into surrounding tissue. This unique biologic function provides a perfect basis for hard and soft tissue healing with SinossMem.



The resorbable collagen membrane SinossMem with maximum biocompatibility

SinossMem can be used dry or after brief rehydration in sterile saline or blood. As part of a lateral augmentation, it is recommended to place the SinossMem in the dry state at the defect at the edge of the alveolar ridge contour and then apply the bone augmentation material. After rehydration the SinossMem remains in its original form. SinossMem does not stick and can easily be repositioned on the defect.


SinossMem supports the attachment and growth of bone-forming cells

The microthin and interwoven fiber structures of varying sizes provide high mechanical resistance, a long absorption and support the new tissue building.


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