SinossGraft – High Bioactivity for Accelerate Bone Remodelling

SinossGraft is a biphasic osteoconductive cancellous bone graft material with high stability in Implantology, Oral surgery and Maxillo facial. SinossGraft provides controlled resorption properties and outstanding handling characteristics.

The homogenous composition of hydroxyapatite (HA) and beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) results in two mineral phases of activity: it supports the formation of new vital bone and maintains the volume and mechanical stabillity over a long time period.



Interconnective particles and high porosity for high new bone formation

The macroporous structure of SinossGraft allows rapid cell formation for optimal resorption of ß-TCP and new bone formation. The macroporosity of SinossGraft provides a highly interconnective structure similar to spongious human bone and promotes ingrowth of bone-forming cells. The very high porosity of SinossGraft allows for rapid bone ingrowth through the pores without significantly limiting natural bone density. The microporosity of SinossGraft within the HA / ß-TCP structure supports the transfer of essential nutrients. A high interconnective structure provides an ideal environment for new bone ingrowth and high dimensional stability. The porosity of SinossGraft is up to 80%.




Accelerated bone remodeling and new bone regeneration

The exceptional properties of SinossGraft lead to rapid bone regeneration. Clinical studies show that a stable bone bed is available after three months in sinus floor elevation. The bone graft material SinossGraft can significantly shorten treatment times and promote angiogenesis.








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