SinossGraft Resorb – The bioactive, porous and fast resorbable bone graft material

SinossGraft Resorb is a bioactive, resorbable, inorganic bone regeneration material. The pure β-tricalcium phosphate matrix with an interconnective porosity creates stable contact with bone and implant. SinossGraft Resorb has an open multi-porosity and high overall porosity. SinossGraft Resorb has osseoconductive properties which significantly increase the treatment efficiency. The structure of the material is similar to that of bone. The macropores of SinossGraft Resorb provide sites for cell colonization and enable the ingrowth of bone into the centre of the defect. Micropores enable the fast penetration of blood and body fluids into the material and provide micro-rough surfaces favourable for protein and cell attachment.

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