SinossGraft Cone – New bone formation of the alveolar cavity with difficult situations

SinossGraft Cone is designed specifically for Socket Preservation. The dosage form prevents migration of conventional granules. Rebuilding of a solid bone formation



The situation pre-extraction.

SinossGraft Cone in situ.



Rebuilding of a solid bone formation

The high porosity of SinossGraft Cone leads to the stimulation when impregnated with the patient's blood, promote an in-depth colonization of the substitute by osteogenic cells with new bone formation becoming biologically fixed. SinossGraft Cone gradually releases calcium and phosphate ions to promote strong new bone formation. Within 3 to 6 months, depending on the patient physiology, SinossGraft Cone is replaced by newly formed dense bone capable of supporting future implants.

Sufficient bone dimensions are necessary for oral rehabilitation with dental implants. The healing of an extraction socket based on a series of events as well the formation and maturation of a coagulum that subsequently will become replaced by a provisional matrix and woven bone. Furthermore, the socket walls will be resorbed, gradually remodelled and the distinct outline of the extraction socket disappeared. When during healing a cortical ridge was established in the entrance of the socket, the immature woven bone was remodelled and replaced by lamellar bone and marrow. In severe cases / compromised regions of the ridge with too much natural atrophy of the socket walls after tooth extraction we recommend the use of SinossGraft Cone.

Interconnective and high porosity for a high new bone formation

The macro-porous structure of SinossGraft Cone ensures fast cell colonization for an optimal resorption and substitution. The macroporosity of SinossGraft Cone offers a fully interconnected structure similar to human cancellous bone and provides and ideal environment for the ingrowth at a controlled rate. That very high porosity of SinossGraft Cone allows a rapid bone ingrowth throughout the pores. The product provides support without significantly limiting natural bone densitiy. Microporostiy of SinossGraft Cone within the HA/TCP structure assists the transfer of essential nutrients.

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