SinossFleece – The highly effective collagen fleece with the triple mechanism of action for effective wound management for minor soft tissue defects

SinossFleece is a native resorbable collagen fleece in order to protect the Schneiderian membrane and in Socket Preservation. It provides rapid absorption and high biocompatibility, easy handling and excellent hemostasis to reduce conventional treatment problems. SinossFleece is the ultimate solution for effective soft tissue treatment: It promotes wound healing in conjunction with a short term barrier function of approximately 4 weeks. SinossFleece enables the control of bleeding, the stabilization of blood clots and protects the wound to facilitate the healing process.




The shape memory of SinossFleece.


The high purity and stability of SinossFleece thus enables the ability of three-dimensional cell anchoring, cell proliferation and cell differentiation within the stable collagen structure and therefore supports a high vitality of the cells, maturation and creation of the targeted tissue promoted by the existing absorption characteristics. The high purity of SinossFleece prevents a negative biological interaction with the integrated cells.



The matrix morphology of SinossFleece

The SEM images of SinossFleece show a broad mesh of collagen fibers with a very high pore size. A
uniform network and a correspondingly high porosity could also be determined in the peripheral areas. It is visible a primarily open-pored, three-dimensional network of cavities, covered with fibrous collagen leaves. It is clearly visible that the open-pore fiber structure of SinossFleece has a three-dimensionally wavy course with irregular areal material compaction. Clearly recognizable is the tortuous course of the collagen fibers.



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Cell proliferation

The table below shows very high cell proliferation between days 2 and 8. There was an increase in cell number between day 2 and 8 of about 70%. SinossFleece is therefore suitable as a carrier material to promote regeneration and achieve better results in terms of epithelialization, revascularization and degradation.


Efficacy of dermal regeneration with porcine collagen: epithelization, vascularization
and matrix integration

Collagen fleeces like SinossFleece show a significantly higher effectiveness than gelatin or cellulose
sponges. In addition, they are rapidly and completely absorbed by the body and promote the granulation and epithelialization of natural collagen.



Epithelial growth and neo-vascularization with SinossFleece

Clinical studies show that epithelial growth and neo-vascularization are of major importance in avoiding frequent, critical problems during the healing period. (Sahota et al., 2003, Sahota et al., 2004, Schultz et al., 2003). This fact is positively confirmed by SinossFleece. The use of SinossFleece allows the formation of a significantly higher rate of epithelial thickness and neo-vascularization and is based on the matrix function of porous collagen structures for efficient tissue engineering.

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