Minor Bone Augmentation

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a procedure in dental surgery with the use of bone graft substitutes and barrier membranes. With this well-established procedure, the growth of new bone is promoted and guided in a targeted manner. Different bone substitute materials can be used with each other and with autologous bone. The mechanical barrier e. g. SinossMem collagen membrane between the bone defect and the soft tissue prevents the too fast proliferating cells of the covering mucosa from sprouting into the bone. This process allows colonization of bone-forming cells. In the context of dental implantology, the GBR technique is used as a one-stage or two-stage position-enhancing, augmentation technique.



The technique of GBR with the use of SinossGraft, SinossMem, SinossInject and SinossGraft Resorb etc. leads to excellent and predictable clinical results. The placement of dental implants in combination with the simultaneous use of SinossGraft, SinossMem, SinossInject and SinossGraft Resorb etc. support a high implant survival rate. A large number of studies or clinical applications on simultaneous implantation or the use of GBR with SinossGraft, SinossMem, SinossInject and SinossGraft Resorb etc. show excellent results:

High implant survival rate.

Successful osseointegration of the dental implants and high stability of the simultaneously augmented peri-implant bone volume.

Preservation of the facial bone wall in patients.

Stable peri-implant soft tissue.Excellent predictability for successful esthetic results and good
long-term stability of the established facial bone wall.




Important applications of GBR are, for example, fenestration or dehiscence defects for the formation of new bone around an implant, to prevent larger jawbone defects or to fast bone resorption after extraction in alveoli.





Vlies 19.06.2013




Good reasons for bone augmentation material!
The harvesting of autologous bone causes pain and longer healing times and resorbs more quickly. Thus, novadento bone grafting materials are an important alternative for good reasons: They prevent painful and excessive bone harvesting, provide a stable guide structure for new bone formation, and perform different fast or slow resorption desired for specific indications.






A real barrier for good healing!
Because it protects. SinossMem resorbable collagen membrane features an exceptional combination of strength and flexibility for easy and safe defect treatment. A long-lasting barrier function combined with high biocompatibility, and tissue integration and cell occlusivity make it particularly valuable and thus protect the bone substitute. However, the particularly biologically strong structure of SinossMem prevents soft tissue ingrowth, allowing cells and blood vessels to penetrate quickly for healing without complications. The SinossGraft and the SinossMem are novadento's most frequently used regenerative therapy products for the treatment of minor bone augmentations in the context of GBR.


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