SinossGraft Xeno – The Bioactive Bovine Bone

The native SinossGraft Xeno with high biofunctionality

SinossGraft Xeno is a highly reliable, volume stable, purified natural bone substitution material of bovine origin. The properties of SinossGraft Xeno and the mineral composition, the three dimensional structure and the physico-chemical and biological function are very similar to those of human bone.


The affinity to human bone and SinossGraft Xeno is ideal for the integration into the natural remodelling process. SinossGraft Xeno’s macroporous structure is perfect in its osteoconductive function and promotes the ingrowth of blood vessels and nerves.The adhesion and spread of osteoblasts over the SinossGraft Xeno surface creates an open, interconnecting pore structure, which prompts a bioactive reaction with bone tissue formation, bone tissue strengthening and bone tissue interlinking leading to the restoration of the bone and its function.