SinossProtect Plus

The native and stable soft tissue collagen graft

SinossProtect Plus is a native collagen matrix made from porcine dermis and highly purified which removes all potential immunogens. The material is biocompatible and fully resorbable in live tissue when implanted. SinossProtect Plus supports the revascularization and fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative to the patient’s own connective tissue. After placement, the patient’s blood infiltrates the SinossProtect Plus graft through the three-dimensional soft tissue network, bringing host cells to the soft tissue graft surface and triggering the revascularization process. A significant revascularization may begin after the implantation depending on the health condition of the patient. SinossProtect Plus offers a safe alternative to autologous connective tissue, suitable for a diverse range of soft tissue grafting indications.


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