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Peri-implantitis is the destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants. The array of periodontal pathogens found around failing implants (those affected by peri-implantitis) are very similar to those found in association with various forms of periodontal disease. In compound implants (two stage implants), between the actual implant and the superstructure (abutment) are gaps and cavities into which bacteria can penetrate from the oral cavity. Later these bacteria can return into the adjacent tissue and can cause peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is a destructive inflammatory process and lead to the reduction of soft- and hard tissue around a dental implant. In order to reduce the loss of soft- and hard tissue it is adviced to treat the Peri-implantitis systematically.

Use of SinossFleece

Die chirurgische Behandlung eines durch Periimplantitis verursachten Knochendefekts kann im Rahmen der GBR bspw. auch mit dem SinossFleece unterstützt werden. The surgical treatment caused by peri-implantitis bone defect can be treated as part of the GBR as well with SinossFleece.
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Wide range of novadento solutions

The use of guided bone regeneration is able to support the regenerative healing process with solutions of novadento assortment such as SinossGraft, SinossGraft Resorb, SinossGraft Perio and SinossInject respective SinossMem, SinossMem Seal, SinossMem AlveolarRepair and SinossFleece supported after Debridement of the implant surface.

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