Major Bone Augmentation

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Bone defects often result from tumor resection, congenital malformation, trauma, fractures, surgery, or periodontitis in dentistry. Although dental implants serve as an effective treatment to recover mouth function from tooth defects, many patients do not have the adequate bone volume to build an implant. The gold standard for the reconstruction of large bone defects is the use of autogenous bone grafts. Autogenous bone blocks harvested from the lower jaw or the iliac crest are the prevailing material used to reconstruct larger ridge defects. However, autogenous bone blocks are subject to a certain degree of resorption. There is no single ideal technique or graft material to choose in clinical practice but rather an increasing number of materials and methods to be used in individualized approaches to ridge reconstruction.

Application of novadento biomaterials in combination with autogenous bone blocks.

Various alloplastic materials e. g. SinossGraft can be used in combination with autogenous materials. The SinossGraft resorbs slowly, controled, and protectt the used autogenous materials against rapid resorption.

  • SinossGraft bone graft material placed over the graft reduces shrinkage
  • SinossMem resorbable collagen membrane covering the augmented area further decreases hard tissue resorption

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