Extraction Socket Management

SinossGraft Indication I E


In connection with the natural wound healing processes after tooth extraction considerable horizontal and vertical volume loss of the alveolar ridge are found.

„65% of alveolar absorption occure in the first 3 months.“

The use of comprehensive solutions such as SinossGraft Cone and SinossMem AlveolarRepair supports an individual therapy after tooth extraction and is able to minimize that high resorption and supports the preservation of the alveolar ridge.

1. Preservation of alveolar ridge with SinossGraft and SinossMem
The safety, slow resorption and high stability of SinossGraft is ideal as part of a delayed implantation, as a reliable treatment option for a necessary bone regeneration. novadento biomaterials support the preservation of the alveolar ridge to timing of implant placement.

2. Socket Preservation with SinossFleece

For type 1 alveole (buccal and lingual bone plate and soft tissue nearly completely present), it is often sufficient to augment the alveole only with a SinossFleece or alternatively to augment the extracted alveoe with bone graft material, for example with SinossGraft and cover the particles with SinossFleece. The SinossFleece is a resorbable collagen matrix and supports the bleeding control and stabilization of the blood clot. The forming matrix out of SinossFleece and blood promotes tissue growth, protects the wound and accelerates the healing process. The absorption of SinossFleece occurs in 14-30 days.


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