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Sinergetic Regeneration

Regenerative capability and regenerative tissue solutions. The novadento concept of SinergeticRegeneration allows to the dentists a contemporary treatment of the patients regarding the economical and clinical needs.

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Bioactive solutions for defect-oriented treatments.
Sinergetic Regeneration


"Sinergetic Regeneration" - is the principle by which we provide our clients customized solutions for effective treatment available for you.

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novadento develops innovative and effective biomaterial projects for dental bone and tissue regeneration.
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Our main objective is to make sure the success of the practitioners with superior product solutions for a better and simpler treatment - based on functional and exceptional advantages.

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With our company we pursue an active international growth strategy.

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Our Services


The novadento offers dental education at the highest level and is an international platform for collegial exchange of ideas. This interface etween research, education supports the clinical success in daily practice.


novadento supports partners and customers on a high level of knowledge about the dental regeneration. Customized training and congress play a major role for a mutual economic development.


A wide range of professional marketing tools with detailed product information present product features and -benefits for a long-term and sustainable business success.


The novadento cooperates with selected logistics partners, thus ensuring an efficient delivery, let your goods quickly, economically and safely arrive at their destination.

The competences


SinossGraft Wall

For simultaneous horizontal and vertical augmentation The simplified Shell technique of horizontal and vertical volume gain. SinossGraft Wall is an extremely...

SinossGraft Bonering

Simultaneous horizontal and vertical augmentation The SinossGraft Bonering with its technique is for 3-dimensional vertical augmentation of bone defects with a...


The highly effective collagen fleece with the triple mechanism of action for effective wound management for minor soft tissue defects SinossFleece...

SinossMem Seal

SinossMem Seal - Socket Seal Technique and predictable volume for tissue regeneration Ideal implant placement can be achieved only if the...


Biomembrane with high strength, elasticity and flexibility SinossGuide is a native resorbable Biomembrane for application in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and...

SinossProtect Plus

The native and stable soft tissue collagen graft SinossProtect Plus is a native collagen matrix made from porcine dermis and highly...


The native resorbable membrane for GBR/GTR with outstanding handling properties A three-dimensional collagen structure with rough and porous micro-layers ensure a...

SinossMem AlveolarRepair

The Simplified Alveole Repair Technique for facial defects and Ridge Preservation A successful management of the extracted alveole can be demanding....


The native resorbable collagen membrane for GBR/GTR with outstanding handling properties SinossMem is a native resorbable collagen membrane for the Guided...

SinossGraft Xeno

The native bone graft material with high biofunctionality SinossGraft Xeno is a highly reliable, volume stable, purified native bone graft material....

SinossGraft Resorb

The bioactive, porous and fast resorbable bone graft material SinossGraft Resorb is a bioactive, resorbable, inorganic bone regeneration material. The pure...


The Bio-Active Nano-Cristalline Bone Graft Material: Synthetic and Injectable Paste analog deutsche Version SinossInject is a pasty, injectable and nanocristalline bone...

SinossGraft Block

A safe and rapid bone formation in the case of vertical and horizontal bone deficits SinossGraft Block has been developed from...

SinossGraft Cone

SinossGraft Cone - New bone formation of the alveolar cavity with difficult situations SinossGraft Cone is designed specifically for Socket Preservation....

SinossGraft Perio

Regenerative treatment of periodontal bone defects and Periimplantitis SinossGraft Perio is a pure biphasic osteoconductive cancellous bone graft material and a...


High Bioactivity for Accelerate Bone Remodelling SinossGraft is a biphasic osteoconductive cancellous bone graft material with high stability in Implantology, Oral...

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